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About us

Please contact us as shown below. Alternatively, you can complete our e-mail contact form.

General Enquiries
Berkshire Youth
Watlington House
44 Watlington Street
Reading, RG1 4RJ
T: 01189 090 927 • F: 01189 588 456
E: admin@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Chief Executive
David Seward
T: 01189 090 926
E: ceo@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Operations Director
Sarah Emery
T: 07884 310 426
E: sarah.emery@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Finance Administrator
Debbie Dye
T: 01189 090 924
E: debbie.dye@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Activities Team Leader
Jessica Kirby
T: 07881 941 345
E: jessica.kirby@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Youth & Community Work Manager
Gareth Mepham
T: 07928 816 186

Healthy Lifestyle Coordinator
Holly Raby
T: 07769 218 782
E: holly.raby@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Lead for Mental Health & Wellbeing
Lisa-Marie Forge
T: 07881 941 342
E: lisa-marie.forge@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Training and Volunteer Development Manager
Richard Jennings
T: 07881 941 343
E: richard.jennings@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Data & Information Officer
Sue Tabor
T: 0118 9090 927
E: sue.tabor@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Training Dept
T: 0118 9090 927
E: admin@berkshireyouth.co.uk


First Aid Training
Richard Jennings
T: 07881 941 343
E: richard.jennings@berkshireyouth.co.uk

SPLAT Bookings

T: 0118 9090 927
E: jessica.kirby@berkshireyouth.co.uk

Development Worker
Elaine Wealleans
T: 07973 781 491



Berkshire Youth Safeguarding Contacts

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Investor in People

Berkshire Youth – Watlington House, 44 Watlington Street, Reading, RG1 4RJ.
Tel: 0118 909 0927. Email: admin@berkshireyouth.co.uk
Berkshire Youth is the operating name of Berkshire Association of Clubs for Young People (BACYP)
Company Limited by Guarantee No. 04493501. Registered Charity No. 1106341.
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