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Youth opportunities and awards

Our training department recognises the contribution young people can make in running their own youth clubs and projects.


At present there are no vacancies in the training department

Watch this space for more exciting opportunities in the future

At Berkshire Youth we promote recognition of this through:


The Keystone Award Scheme is the Clubs for Young People training programme to recognise the achievements, qualities and skills of young people.

Who is Keystone for?
The awards are designed for young people aged 13 - 17. There are four levels (from bronze to platinum) so year eight pupils can join and complete the scheme before they take their GCSE examinations. It is entirely voluntary and young people are not obliged to join the scheme or progress from one level to the next.

Why would it be popular?
Keystone is designed to be accessible to all young people. The scheme gives young people a chance to get proper recognition for the things they love doing. This is particularly refreshing if they find formal education difficult. Keystone also gives young people a simple, flexible framework for making a positive contribution in their communities.


The Youth Challenge and the Youth Achievement Awards are an activity-based approach to peer education. The awards are designed to help develop more effective participative practice, by encouraging young people to progressively take more responsibility in selecting, planning and leading activities that are based on their interests. The peer group model encourages the development of a wide range of life skills through a flexible and informal approach.

The Youth Achievement Awards were introduced nationally in 1997 and are already well established in a wide range of youth organisations, schools and educational projects. Building on their success, the Youth Challenges were launched in 2002 - meeting the demand for a similar award for the lower age group. In all levels of the awards, young people are encouraged to take on progressive levels of responsibility through involvement in a wide range of self-identified activities.

The Youth Achievement Awards were initially established in the youth work sector as a means of recognising and accrediting young people's achievements through a peer group approach. More recently; schools, colleges, national charities, youth offender institutions, youth offending teams, Connexions partnerships and training providers are finding them an equally valuable tool in motivating and engaging their young people.

The Youth Challenges are internally certificated and are aimed at young people aged 11 to 14, although they may be appropriate for older or slightly younger people. The bronze to gold Youth Achievement Awards are aimed at young people who are 14 plus, with the platinum young leaders award being appropriate for young people of 16 plus.

The Youth Achievement Awards:

  • Recognise and accredit young people's achievements
  • Encourage progressive responsibility and ownership of learning
  • Provide a mechanism by which to measure the quality of work with young people
  • Reinforce good practice
  • Encourage participation and social inclusion
  • Use peer education

The awards enable young people to:

  • Enhance self awareness and self-esteem
  • Develop communication skills and resolve differences by negotiation
  • Get on with and work well with others
  • Explore and manage feelings
  • Understand and identify with others
  • Develop values
  • Plan ahead

For more information about the Youth Achievement Awards, please visit www.ukyouth.org/yaa.

Berkshire Youth, together with The vTeam, is actively seeking new ways to accredit and reward young people for their contribution to the community and the lives of others.

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